About Coco’s little black kitchen

A little bit about me

Coco about Me

My name is Coco and I am a 29 year old flight attendant. I travel domestically and also sometimes internationally for work. I am Australian and also 1/3rd (give or take) aboriginal.

In my leisure, I make tasty dishes and love to experiment with any food I can get my hands on. Fear not, I don’t post my recipes until they are perfect and have been ‘tested’ on friends and family. I cook everything from home in my little black kitchen. My recipes don’t require you to be an experienced chef, anyone can recreate them from their home kitchen.

I have only recently begun to post my recipes online so there are plenty more to come. My aim with Little Black Kitchen is to share my love of food and cooking with anyone else that enjoys these things as much as I do, and perhaps even to inspire people to be creative.

I find so much joy in the whole cooking processes, from envisioning the dish, to collecting the ingredients, to methodically assembling it all…. then eating it. Sure it doesn’t always turn out the way you envisioned it the first time, sometimes it take a couple goes to master it. Determination always ends with a wonderfully tasty dish that your friends and family will thank you for.

My recipes

All of my recipes have drawn inspiration from many different cuisines including all types of European, South American and Asian dishes. I am always looking to eat and cook something that I haven’t tried before. One day I hope to perfect recipes from all over the world to satisfy every unique palette.

In addition to recreating many well known dishes, I also love making up recipes as I go. Some of my recipes are original and some are attempts to recreate wonderful dishes that I have tasted at a restaurant or cafe on my travels. Many recipes are well known, original dishes but with my own twist. I encourage anyone following my recipes to do the same and to add your own personal ‘flavor’. I find that cooking is a great way to express yourself. And the great thing is that all of my recipes are simple and can be done by anyone from any home kitchen.

Not only do I like to create tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, but I also make desserts. Who can resist chocolate, right? I absolutely love making desserts, I’m quite the sweet tooth. Most of the time however, I do like to keep my recipes as healthy as possible, using fresh ingredients and healthy methods of cooking. Some of my recipes focus on achieving low carbohydrate meals, for those of you on low carb diets. From time to time, I like to eat and cook vegetarian dishes with amazing flavors like risottos and salads.

I hope that Little Black Kitchen can be a source of wonderful food and inspiring ideas. I would love to hear any suggestions or feedback about any of my recipes, or just food in general, so please leave comments.

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