Rice paper rolls

ricepaperrolls (20)



500 grams of pork mince

12 pre cooked prawns

finely shredded raw cabbage and red cabbage

fresh coriander

1-2 cucumbers, julienne style keep skin on for extra crunch

fresh lime


rice paper rolls

bowl of luke warm water

ricepaperrolls (2)


  1. Prep all of your ingredients, firstly cook the pork mince in a frypan add some herbs such as oregano, chilli flakes and garlic. Set aside to cool down.
  2. Add one rice paper sheet into the luke warm water for about 15 seconds, gently shake off excess water and lay down on a flat surface.

ricepaperrolls (4)  ricepaperrolls (6)  ricepaperrolls (7)

ricepaperrolls (8)

3. Add the prawns first, followed by the rest of your ingredients.

ricepaperrolls (9) ricepaperrolls (10)

4. Simply fold it up like an envelope. Start at the bottom, than each side than roll it forward not too tight so the rice paper doesn’t tear.

ricepaperrolls (13) ricepaperrolls (12) ricepaperrolls (14) ricepaperrolls (15)

5. Enjoy with any dipping sauce, I used Chipotle or optional of Hoisin sauce.

ricepaperrolls (16) ricepaperrolls (17) ricepaperrolls (18)

ricepaperrolls (21)

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