Chilli-lime shredded beef

chillilimebeef (11)



1.8 kilos of blade beef

1 tsp of rock salt

2 tsp of chilli powder

juice of 1 lime and rind

2-3 gloves of garlic

1 litre of lemon-lime soda

chillilimebeef (1) chillilimebeef (2) chillilimebeef (3)


1. Place the beef into the middle of a slow cooker.

chillilimebeef (4)

2. Pour the soda over and around the beef.

chillilimebeef (5)

3. Sprinkle with salt and chilli powder over the beef.

chillilimebeef (6) chillilimebeef (7) chillilimebeef (8)

4. Turn on low for 8 hours. It shall be ready once the beef is falling off and very tender. Using a fork shred the meat and serve while hot with a squeeze of extra lime juice.

IMG_20150707_220653 chillilimebeef (11)

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