Tandoori chicken wraps

tandoori chicken wraps



400 grams of chicken breast

1  cucumber, sliced finely

fresh mint 

small piece ginger, grated

bunch of shallots, chopped coarsely

1 fresh lime 

flat bread or soft wraps

tandoori paste 

natural greek low fat yoghurt

60ml of rice bran oil 


1. Chop the chicken into small pieces, marinate (using 2-3 tbsp of tandoori paste) for at least 30 mins or overnight for the flavors to set in.

2. Add some Rice bran oil to a fry pan on medium heat. Add the chicken and cook each side for around 2-3mins depending on how thick the chicken breast is.

3. Meanwhile, prepare your wrap. Warm your wrap lightly in a separate fry pan with some spray oil until its slightly brown on each side or (easy option) microwave for 10-15seconds. Place together your ingredients, firstly fresh mint, yoghurt (1 tbsp) , cucumber, ginger, shallots, fresh squeeze of lime, and finally some pieces of chicken.

4. Fold together starting at the bottom, Enjoy.

Serves approx 6 wraps.

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